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Flight Experience


This is your opportunity to fly an Airbus or ATR  multi million dollar flight simulator used daily for the  training of professional airline pilots.

Flying an aircraft is an amazing experience that very few people achieve. AATC can provide the next best thing. Through our full flight simulators you can achieve the experience of flying without actually leaving the ground with absolutely no previous experience being required.

You will be given a 30 minute pre-flight briefing including flight deck instruments, controls and systems and once your training is complete you will be at the controls throughout the flight. All of this under our instruction.

You may also take up to three additional guests into the cockpit with you  either to share the flying time with you or to just observe and be your photographer for the day.


The Ultimate Corporate Event – At AATC we offer you a unique opportunity to entertain your customers or colleagues with the ultimate corporate flight experience.

Spend the day meeting in one of our classrooms then reward your staff with a flight experience ride in one of our full flight simulators. Or you could just provide your management team with a group experience in a full flight simulator.

We can arrange any program to meet your requirements.

Fear of flying

Afraid to fly?

Does the thought of sitting in an aeroplane 30,000 feet above the ground traveling at 500 mph bring you out in cold sweats and causes you to have panic attacks?

Are you so afraid to fly that it is affecting your life and the life of those around you? Maybe you haven’t seen your family or loved ones who live abroad because of this fear?

If this is you? Then we may be able to help alleviate this.

What we can do for you

The beauty of the simulator for terrified passengers is that you can experience a flight from the cockpit with the knowledge that you haven’t even left the ground and are free to stop and get out at any time you wish.

Most nervous passengers tend to feel more relaxed and comfortable when they see for themselves exactly what goes on in the cockpit and are surprised to see how calm, controlled and relaxed the cockpit atmosphere actually is.

We can answer all your questions related to flying. We can even put the simulators into situations that may frighten you the most. For example we can simulate engine failures, severe turbulence and other extreme weather conditions. We can even simulate a cockpit fire with smoke, conditions all of which are under our complete control and are perfectly safe. (Remember that at any time we can pause the flight should you feel the need).

Lay your fears to rest or at least come to understand and maybe control them.

We offer a choice of packages to suit your requirements:

FoF Flight 1 – a briefing, a tour of the facilities and 1 hours exclusive flight time (up to 2 extra passengers allowed) A certificate and a selection of digital photographs included.

FoF Flight 2 – a briefing, a tour of the facilities and 2 hours exclusive flight time (up to 2 extra passengers allowed) A certificate and a selection of digital photographs included.

Note: There will be an opportunity for you to spend time at the controls but this is entirely up to you and just how comfortable you feel. We will do our utmost to make this as easy (and enjoyable!) for you as possible. We can’t promise that all your fears will be allayed but we can help you to address them and to ease many of the worries you might have about flying.

How to book

To book Flight Experience or FoF please contact:

TEL: +6623160622-24 FAX: +6623160625 email: customer-services@aatc-bkk.com