Flight crew training


AATC provides approved training for pilots combining state-of-the-art Full Flight Simulation technology with enhanced Flat Panel Trainer technology and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All Airbus courses are EASA approved and meet or exceed the OEM footprint and can also be tailored to suit the Customers SOPs.

ATR 42/72 training programs are conducted in accordance with EASA approved Operational Suitability Date (OSD) report Ref: EFOS-4267/15.

For those Customers not operating under EASA regulations, AATC can provide customised training programs submitted to each respective national regulatory authority for approval.

Training courses and services offered include:


  • A320 Dry Lease
  • A330 Dry Lease
  • A320 Wet Lease
  • A330 Wet Lease
  • A320 4 week Type rating
  • A330 4 week Type rating
  • A320/A330/A320 CCQ
  • A320/A330 renewals
  • A320/A330 UPRT
  • SFI/TRI Course
  • PBN Course


  • ATR Classic Dry Lease
  • ATR 72-600 Dry Lease
  • ATR Classic Wet Lease
  • ATR 72-600 Wet Lease
  • ATR 5 & 6 week Type ratings – all Classic versions
  • ATR -600 5 & 6 week Type ratings
  • ATR ELT Courses
  • ATR Delta courses – all versions
  • ATR Renewals/Revalidation – all versions
  • ATR UPRT / Bridge / Train the Trainer
  • SFI/TRI Course
  • PBN Course
  • ATPL

EASA licensed ATR (All versions) SFI and TRE/TRI are available 24/7  with Airbus A320/A330 SFI and TRE/TRI being available upon request.

  • Command upgrade
  • Recurrent


  • TRI/SFI Basic Refresher Course (2 days theory) meets FCL.940.
  • TRI/SFI Extended Refresher Course (2 days theory+1xFFS session) exceeds FCL.940.TRI(a) & meets FCL.940.SFI
  • Jet Bridging Course
  • Cockpit Resrouces Management (CRM) Course
  • Reality 7/C95 FSTD Operators Courses

Accommodation Packages

AATC offers complete aviation training packages to both individuals and airlines upon request. These packages can include a range of accommodations and transport during training.